SJM Global Limited

T/A - Luxurious Caskets and Urns


We are a Family Owned Business, Importing and Selling

Handmade, Luxurious Caskets

Coffins and Urns 


Our Office/Warehouse is in Coatesville

North Shore, Auckland


We offer Nationwide Delivery, using Mainfreight

This Luxurious Casket featured above is available ex stock

made from American Oak

these larger luxurious caskets are used for burial

the price is $4,250.00 + GST


We also have some beautiful Coffin/Caskets

made from MDF priced from $595

the Pine and Amercian Oak

slightly higher prices

all available ex stock


You can purchase your Casket or Coffin directly from us then

if you so wish, you can then engage a Funeral Director to manage your service

or you can manage yourself and make your own arrangements

directly with your local council managed crematorium or cemetery

often they hire a chapel, reception rooms and catering

the council arrange for the cremation or burial for a fee


We can also refer a Funeral Director to you in your area


To view our stock of Caskets or Coffins or for more information

Please call:  Stephen Hudson - Director/Owner

Tel: 0800 Casket  | 0800 227 538



You can view more images of our products

and Purchase on Online

Click Here to Link to Trademe


We offer opportunities to buy cheaper

when you participate in the online auctions

the start bid is lower than our normal price


Trade Reseller Discounts Available to

Funeral Directors


We are in Auckland,  and offer a

Nationwide Delivery or Export Delivery Service

every Coffin or Casket is Packaged Ready For Dispatch

Within a Particle Board Crate


Luxurious Caskets

We Specialise in these Luxurious Caskets

Luxurious Casket - made from American Oak

Internal dimension is 198cm x 59cm x 35cm + lid height

Rated for 250kg bodyweight load

packaged within a particle board crate, ready for delivery

Price: NZD$4,250.00 + GST

This Casket is in stock and available now



Luxurious Mahogany Casket

This Luxurious Casket made from Mahogany

can be ordered on indent

Price NZD $4,500.00 + GST 

Please email or call for more information



Coffins - Stock Range

In addition to the Luxurious Caskets

we also offer a stock range of Coffins

Priced from $595.00 + GST

To view our Coffin Options Available

which include, MDF, Pine, American Oak & Mahogany

Please link to our Coffin webpage or take the link above to Trademe: 


Handmade Wooden Urns

Following a cremation you will normally be given a plastic urn

containing the ashes of your loved one, these wooden urns have been 

handmade for the plastic urn to fit perfectly inside

We have two wooden stock Urns

one is made from Oak and the other Mahogany


American Oak Price: NZD$160.00 + GST

Solid Mahogany Price: NZD$165.00 + GST


Link here to view our urns webpage or take the link above to view on Trademe 



Gravestones, Memorial Headstones

In addition to the Coffins, Caskets and Urns we can now also offer an indent service

for Gravestones made from Granite with the lettering you wish

imported completely finished, we can offer supply only or installed price

For more Information Please link to 


Please contact for more information or to order

Stephen Hudson - Director/Owner

Tel: 0800 Casket | 0800 227 538 

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